Invest in Functions

The expertise and experience that lay at the core of ResultanPro can be clearly demonstarated by reference cases. Investment attraction is a results orientated business.

An investment attraction strategy requires a clear and executable process to be embedded into the function of regional and municipality stakeholders.

ResultantPro have executed successful processes during the last 12 Years in Finland, with clear and measurable results.

Working with international and domestic experts in industry, construction and financial specialists, we are able to execute such processes.

Company Investment rounds

Domestic capital is becoming increasingly difficult for all companies to secure.


Be it equity based investment or debt financing, the market conditions create significant challenges for companies to raise capital and ResultantPro is able to, through the creation of a professional company presentation and financial model, engage with a large database of credible and known international investors., to successfully place complex investment rounds. ResultantPro has worked as part of a core team for listed Finnish companies and SME's.

Our specialisations

  • Data Centres

  • Real Estate 

  • Tourism

  • Construction​

  • Property Development

  • Industrial Finance 

  • Energy

  • Resources & Infrastructure


ResultantPro always operates as a component of a core team. A team is assembled with the specific competencies required to achieve the project objective. Please contact ResultantPro to discuss your specific requirements.