Since our inception, ResultantPro has been totally
focused on building a strategic, quality investment attraction practice. Our main differentiation is our tacit focus upon execution and not simply making plans

Our key advisers have been responsible for the management and execution of over ten substantial regional development projects. Projects the results of which are clearly visible. Our modus operandi is both creative and pragmatic.

We understand the power of the triple helix, the importance and value of government, institutions, education and business, working together to generate comprehensive and lasting development, including business growth, employment generation and the the agility to respond to ever changes to markets.

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Carl Wideman


Financial expert with a strong experience and visible results acquiring large scale investments through the execution of Investment attraction projects in Finland,

Reference cases include the responsibility for highly successful tourism and data centre projects in Kainuu, Finland.

Long and varied experience in property transactions and property financing in the UK and Finland.

Responsible for finance and investment assignments and acquisition of  international financiers and investors. 


+358 44 551 4621

Industry, Construction & Financial Services professionals

Project specific experts